Annual Temperature

Annual mean temperature of Goelo

The annual mean temperature of the Goelo is 11.0 °C (WorldClim 2005).

The north is usually about a degree Celsius warmer than the south.

Warmest Month

Warmest month of Goelo

In average the maximum temperature of the warmest month is 20.8 °C (WorldClim 2005).

In summer the coast is slightly warmer with a maximum of 21.4 °C while the south, deeper inland and higher up, only reaches 20.1 °C.

Coldest Month

Coldest month of Goelo

In average the minimum temperature of the coldest month is 2.7 °C (WorldClim 2005).

In winter there is a slight divide between the north and the south where the minimum temperature are 3.3 and 1.9 °C respectively.

Annual Precipitation

Annual precipitation of Goelo

The region receives in average 835 mm of precipitation every year (WorldClim 2005).

Wettest Month

Wettest month of Goelo

In average the wettest month receive 102 mm of precipitation (WorldClim 2005).

The some parts of the coast receive slightly less rain than the rest of the region with with 94 and 111 mm at both extreme.

Driest Month

Driest month of Goelo

In average the driest month receive 42 mm of precipitation (WorldClim 2005).

The north receive less rain than the south during the driest month, with 37 and 47 mm respectively at both extreme.

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